Three Youtube Channels if You’re a New Rider

Youtube knowledge at your fingertips :)

Tudor Barbu
2 min readMar 9, 2021


The best way to stop being a noob is to acknowledge you are one and take steps to better yourself. When it comes to riding motorcycles, I am a noob. Uncool as that may sound. But I am getting treatment. Sort of. With COVID restrictions in full swing, is difficult to go out and ride. Or take any advanced classes. So I’m doing it online, like pretty much everything else nowadays.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Below are three of the channels I watch the most and I feel I’ve learned the most from:


FortNine is the Top Gear of motorcycle Youtube channels. It covers a lot of areas from testing new bikes and recommendations on protective gear to motorcycle history lessons. And everything in between.

The host — named Ryan F9 — is extremely funny and often mixes politics or references to current events in his comments, which makes his videos far more enjoyable than your average “let me read the specs while circling the motorcycle” ones found on other channels.

Have a look at the next video to see what I mean!



Next is a channel dedicated entirely to safe riding. It’s run by a former fireman called Dan — shocker! — and its main focus is reviewing accidents or close calls recorded on mounted cams.

I think it’s a must-watch for any noobie. Accidents can happen in a split second and the consequences can be dire and long-lasting. Motorcycles are cool and temptations are high. Let me go faster around this corner. I can squeeze in between these two trucks. The acceleration is aweeeesome!!! But I need to always remember that I’m one bad call away from riding in an ambulance.

The channel promotes safe riding, offers tips and tricks to stay safe. I can’t stress it enough: it’s a must-watch!



Ay, Daniel-san, your kung-fu is strong. But how is your moto-jitsu? Driving schools focus on getting their students past the pole. The goal is to pass the exam. Whether the student becomes a good driver or rider, that remains to be seen. At a later date.

This channel focuses on teaching a lot of finesse maneuvers and providing tips and tricks.